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Apple's M1X MacBook Speculation

The video provides information on what may be the optimum amount of memory.

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iOS 14.7 Released

There is a video that provides information about the iOS 14.7 at a number of sites. Click on the video above for further information.

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WD My Book Live users wake up to find their data deleted

Western Digital, maker of the popular My Disk external hard drives, is recommending that customers unplug My Book Live storage devices from the Internet until further notice while company engineers investigate unexplained compromises that have com...

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Up to 1,500 Businesses Affected by Ransomware Attack, US Firm’s CEO Says

iOS/iPadOS 14.6, WatchOS 7.5 & MacOS 11.4 Updates

How Apple put the Last Nail in Intel's Coffin

In a YouTube video from MaxTech, he explains why Intel is in trouble and not just because Apple's M1 chip is so much better than the Intel chips.

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Apple Watch’s Heart Monitoring Features Finally Approved For Australia

17 Useful things to do with iOS 14.4

Apple has released MacOS Big Sur 11.2

Apple have released updates to iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS

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