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All the data WhatsApp and Instagram send to Facebook

When you use Facebook or any of their products, of course you are their product because nothing you do on their platforms is really private. Everything is monetised wherever possible.

In an article published on Wired.co.uk, they provide some information in relation to this (see below for the link to their article).
The following is an example from the iPhone WhatsApp App Privacy.
Data Linked to You The following data, which may be collected and linked to your identity, may be used for the following purposes:
Developer's Advertising or Marketing
* Device ID
Usage Data
* Advertising Data
* Purchase History
* Coarse Location
Contact Info
* Phone Number
User Content
* Other User Content
* User ID
* Device ID
Usage Data
* Product Interaction
* Advertising Data
* Crash Data
* Performance Data
* Other Diagnostic Data

Further Information:
Wired Magazine Article

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